Tuesday, February 22, 2011

After careful review of my unit three assessment and my final project assessment I can see that I have improved in some areas, while other areas remain the same.  During my assessment I determined that for my spiritual self I am a four, I don’t ever really think about religion or spirituality, but after this class I realize that believing in something more can be very beneficial to your health and wellness.  Physically I rate myself at about a seven I feel that I do my best to get the proper amount of exercise every day.  Last but not least psychologically I rate myself at about three, after careful consideration I know that I have a lot of random endless chatter going on constantly in my brain, the only time it shuts down is when I sleep, and like a computer I need to reset myself daily and not just through sleep (Dacher, 2006).   This was my final evaluation comparatively you can see that from my unit three assessment some things are the same but some have actually go down. 
This is my unit three assessment. 
My physical wellbeing would be about a 7, I say this because I do try to eat healthy and exercise daily, but there are those days that I just don’t.  For my spiritual well being I would have to say a 5, I really don’t try and stay in touch with the spiritual aspect of myself, but I do feel that I am connected to all that is greater than me and you.  As for my psychological well being I would have to rate this a 5 as well, I rate it this way because I, like everyone I am sure, has a day where everything that can cause me anxiety does, and there are often times where I just worry, worry, worry. 
I have made progress towards my goals.  I feel that I can now relax much easier it does not seem to take me as long to get into the grove of quieting my mind.  I also feel that this has helped me better delegate my duties throughout the day. 
I am most certainly implementing yoga into my daily routine as well as the subtle mind and loving kindness practices.  I have also been experimenting with a meditation called body consciousness.  I am also able to get in at least thirty minutes to an hour or exercise daily.    
This course has altered my health and wellness in several ways.  The first being that I have become more self aware and at peace with the person that I am.  I have also found a place to go within myself that is safe and clam, it is a place that I can retreat to whenever I feel overwhelmed or stressed out.  This class has also shown me how to practice loving kindness for everything around; this has lessened my frustrations and helped open my eyes to the good in all people (even the most difficult person).  I can say that I have been given the tools to successfully help my clients learn to find inner peace and outward joy in all things that may come in this hectic and crazy dance we call life.  Thank you all for sharing on our very own health and wellness journey. 

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  1. Great summary. I am glad you realized and worked on goals. This class was a real eye opener for me as well.

    I feel that most of the time we stay distracted and when you look up time has just flown by.

    It is easy to wake up,eat breakfast, work, lunch, work, dinner, tv, bed repeat. This can dimminish our goal setting and time to reflect or stay healthy.

    Enjoy your degree.