Monday, January 17, 2011

Unit 5

Hello All,

This units exercise was surprisingly easier for me to get through, I am not sure if this is due to the fact that I have been practicing or if I was just having a good day.  The subtle mind exercise left me feeling very relaxed and at ease, like all the tension of the day had melted away and didn't really matter anymore, I was able to put it all in the past. 

Mental, physical and spiritual wellness are all connected, they are all aspects to what makes us human.  When you are mentally unstable you are usually less active and vice verse.  When we are more spiritually in tune with ourselves our mentality is healthy and our physical body is thus more in shape.  This is like the subtle mind practice the witnessing mind leads into the calm abiding mind which leads us to the greatest accomplishment unity consciousness.

Thanks Guys:) 


  1. Hi I agree with you. I feel that the subtle mind exercise was much easier than the loving-kindness. I think it was easier because you only had to relax you didn't have to think of anything else but relaxing. I do like both of the exercises though, I think that on certain days one would be better than the other to use. I like your explaination about the mental, physical, and spiritual wellness all being connected. This class has taught me so much already that I knew but didn't know as much about.

  2. Hello,
    I actually like the Kind-loving excise because it allowed me to focus on something. It seemed in this unit's exercise I just kept thinking about stuff. I also would not use the music from the CD, the sounds started to agitate me. I think next time I'll do it to the sound of my box fan, that always helps me fall asleep.