Sunday, January 9, 2011

  1. Describe your experience. (Did you find it beneficial? Difficult?) Why or Why not? Would you recommend this to others? Why or Why not?
I would have to say that this was a good experience, however I had to do it over four times before I finally got through it.  It was difficult because I have so much going on and so much going on around me that I finally had to go and lock myself in the bedroom so that I wasn't disturbed.  I would recommend this loving kindness exercise to others, it really does help you to focus your love and kindness on all that is around you.  
  1. What is the concept of “Mental Workout? What does the research indicate are the proven benefits of a Mental Work Out? How can you implement mental workouts to foster your psychological health?
The concept of a "Mental Workout" is to practice things like loving kindness and the subtle mind daily and eventually learn how to make the world our practice.  This would also pertain to things like meditation and prayer.  This can help to ease mental tensions, stress and anxiety.  We can implement these mental workouts into our daily schedule by setting aside the fifteen to twenty minutes to practice our loving kindness exercise, subtle mind or even just to meditate.  For myself it helps if I actually write it in my daily planner. 

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  1. I can understand what you mean about having to sit down to do this units exercise four times, before getting through it. Life can be so hectic sometimes, it is often difficult to set aside time in order to do a relaxation exercise or a meditation. But they are very beneficial when you can find the time.