Sunday, January 30, 2011

" My meditation practices have their ups and downs it just varies by the day.  I enjoyed the practice this week.  These practices have helped me grow physically, mentally and spiritually by helping me keep calm, I am able to see things more clearly and avoid emotional out burst when things don’t go the way I had planned.  I will continue to participate in all of the meditation practices utilized in this class as well as my daily yoga practices.    

One cannot lead another where one has not gone himself” this means that I as your health care provider can not teach you something that I have not done myself.  For instance as a massage therapist I frequently assign my clients “homework” this usually consists of regular stretching or some light yoga poses.  The only reason that I assign this is because I have seen the benefits for myself.  So as my clients health care practitioner I have and do “walk the walk” so my clients trust what I say.   I do have an obligation to my clients to further my personal, psychological and spiritual growth, it makes me a better practitioner and helps me lead my clients on their journey to health and wellness.  I can continue to grow and better my personal, psychological and spiritual wellbeing by doing yoga daily and participating in the meditation techniques utilized in this class.   


  1. Meditation delivered what is meant to be delivered.If practice with dedication meditation can cure anger,frustration and agony and other sucn negative emotions.
    James william - offering yoga certification courses

  2. Really great post!! Meditation is a great practice but unless your a monk or a nun in a church we are going to have distractions or ups and downs. We just have to look past it or deal with it and come back to the exercise. I think even just five minutes of peace can give us a great change in our spirit. I think its great you will continue the practices i know i will. They have helped me in so many ways as they should. I think its great that you give your clients some homework. When you know that this certain practice like the yoga and stretching will help them because you personally know it helps then you can truly lead them. Great example there. See you in class thanks for a great blog post.
    Cristina Holcomb

  3. Hi Bobbie,
    I agree that my meditation practices have there ups and downs and it definitely changes daily. I would have to say I am glad you found this weeks exercise easy to do. I found it quite difficult to do. I couldn't figure out who to focus on then when I finally did I couldn't see the person or stay focused on them. Finally I got it but it was not without struggle.

    I agree that these practices are also helping me and when the class is over I will still be using them. I think you are correct when saying you must walk the walk in order for your patients to trust you. Great post.